Consumer Electronics & Technology

Last year, OHL fulfilled over 9.4 million orders to consumers, retail channels, government agencies, and other end-users for consumer electronics. Our end-to-end supply chain solutions can provide a comprehensive solution from international origin to end consumer. OHL has expertise in customs brokerage, freight forwarding, warehousing, Foreign-Trade Zone, Transportation Management, and reverse logistics.

Omni-Channel Support

OHL has developed solutions for multiple channels before the world omni-channel was used. Our ability to co-mingle inventory lines for fulfillment or segment channels, is based on our customers’ unique needs. We can provide a single facility supporting multiple channels, or develop store fulfillment and consumer fulfillment channels.

Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics is critical for Consumer Electronics. OHL specializes in a variety of different returns from B2B channel returns, returns from major cellular carriers, or consumers. OHL’s proprietary WMS can provide serial capture for that product and associate it with the appropriate RMA number. If your product needs to go back to an OEM in Asia, back into stock, liquidation, or destruction, OHL can manage that entire process.

Foreign-Trade Zone

Many consumer electronics companies having challenges with cash being tied up in duties and taxes, yet product hasn’t reached U.S. commerce. Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) is one of our fastest growing products and one way we are helping customers increase their cash flow. Within a Foreign-Trade Zone, consumer electronics can perform light manufacturing of imported goods, maintain supply chain velocity, and in some instances save thousands of dollars.

“Pop-up” and Seasonal Warehousing

For product launches or peak season, consumer electronics companies need to create additional capacity and quickly. OHL’s flexible warehousing model of 36 million square feet of warehousing across the U.S. and Canada can provide you additional capacity.


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  • C-TPAT Certified 
  • TAPA Compliant