Food and Beverage

For many companies, shipping 2.5 billion cans of energy drinks or 1.8 million direct-to-consumer food deliveries for one customer in a single year can be challenging. Not for OHL, we thrive on handling volumes large or small. 

Need a regional distribution model?

Our campus model, with 36 million square feet of distribution space, is a natural fit for the Food & Beverage industry. Many of our customers are located in multiple sites throughout our network, and take advantage of shorter deliveries to their customers decreasing their transportation costs and transit times.

Need your product to be retailer ready?

Our value-added services include: 

  • Displays (counter display units, pallet displays, clip strips, end-cap displays, new store setup)
  • Kitting (literature kitting, promotional item kitting, temp-controlled kitting)
  • Labeling (UPC labeling, UCC128 label, retailer labeling, tamper seal labeling, government labeling, re-labeling)
  • Packaging (retailer re-pack, quantity repack, variety/combo pack, gift wrap, zip tying, clamshell)
  • Quality Control (new product inspection, damage inspection, quality testing, disposal, lot expiration)

OHL’s combined warehousing and transportation management solutions work in tandem to insure make sure your product arrives on time and is compliant, while mitigating any retailer chargebacks. No matter what challenge our clients bring from a UPC labels to a pallet displays, we make sure that your product arrives at the destination meeting retailer expectations.

Are you looking to establish an eCommerce channel? Or need help with small parcel?

Food & Beverage companies are used to shipping case picks and pallets picks, not eaches and individual units. With over 2 million direct-to-consumer Food & Beverage deliveries last year and over 45 million total direct to consumer orders fulfilled, we have the systems, knowledge, and expertise in small parcel preparation to meet the demands within this industry. OHL understands the unique shipping requirements of eCommerce fulfillment and our multi-carrier small parcel solution can provide a unique savings potential.

Safety & Quality Assurance Matter.

Compliance in  food safety and audits are important. OHL is well-versed in AIB, ASI, NSF and GMP certifications and facility audits. Our proprietary WMS is FDA certified and maintains multiple modes of Lot, Batch, Best Buy and FIFO/FEFO tracking, all while  providing real-time visibility for your business needs. Additionally, all OHL locations are CTPAT certified and validated.

The Food & Beverage market is ever-changing, and OHL can enable your direct-to-consumer, regional distribution, or any other solution you might need.