Retail Logistics can consist of managing hundreds to thousands of vendors, across multiple product types, through several channels.  Last year, OHL worked with retailers of all types in different capacities - from fulfilling eCommerce orders for top 10 Big Box retailers, to ensuring brand manufacturers were compliant when shipping into those same Big Box retailers.

Omni-Channel Solutions

Our proprietary technology, coupled with our share-user environment provides efficient and systematic support for your omni-channel operations.  Whether your inventory is required to be segmented or combined, our systems we’ll ensure you have a single view to leverage across your channels and the operation will be designed to maximize productivity within each channel.  

Seasonal and “Pop-up” Facilities

Many retail customers experience significant constraints within their own warehouses during peak seasons or product launches.  We differentiate in these scenarios by leveraging our network of over 36 million square feet to use temporary space to relieve pressure of your primary operations.  Since our entire network is tied by common systems, it’s easy for you to “pop” these operations up to maintain high service to your customer without eating away at your margins.

Inbound Transportation and PO Management 

OHL’s Inbound Vendor portal allows retailers to use a dynamic strategy to manage vendors compared with the antiquated paper routing guide. Our Transportation Management team manages the POs of your product, determine when they need to arrive, and utilizes the optimal carrier based on origin and destination. Along with the inbound portal, OHL can also provide carrier scorecards to show under-performing carriers, as well as, under-performing vendors.

Small Parcel Management

OHL’s multi-carrier small parcel strategy allows you to utilize multiple carriers to get your product to its final destination. We also provide custom rate shopping so that you are able to meet your service levels but always at the best cost.  And we’ll even audit carrier performance to ensure you’re reimbursed money owed to you due to lack of carrier performance.  Last year, OHL gave back 100% of all invoice audit adjustments straight to our customers.

Customs Brokerage & Trade Services

With retailers managing a variety of different products coming from overseas, the possible complications are endless. OHL is one of the most reputable customs brokers in the U.S. Our Customs Brokerage team can provide temporary customs brokerage support, or a complete solution for your business.  Reduce your risk in classification and clearance through the expertise of OHL.