Warehousing and Fulfillment

  • Overview

    For over 60 years, OHL has have been providing flexible and scalable warehousing solutions to a variety of customers across all industries and channels.  We have industry leading customer retention because we operate as an extension of your business. Here’s a little of what our customers tell us:

    Gartner Magic Quadrant Third-Party Logistics

    Key Differentiators

    • Campus warehousing network of over 36 million square feet of space provides “shared use” and "pop-up" operations which provides scalability when you need it, let's say during peak season or a product launch, without incurring all the cost associated.
    • Leverage our significant eFulfillment expertise across industries to make your business more competitive with over 45 million eCommerce orders fulfilled in 2014
    • Proprietary WMS backed by best of breed technology gives you the advantage of a Tier 1 system at a fraction of the market cost.  
    • Making our Customers Great is our formal continuous improvement programs to help keep your business competitive beyond the first year
    • Highly experienced engineering and solutions team organized by industry to ensure we’re operating at your industry’s highest level while also leveraging best practices from others
    • Highly collaborative and transparent culture aligns ensures our alignment with your business objectives

    There’s nothing that isn’t Value-Add

    We are skilled at providing not just warehousing, but value-added services. Having a single provider for value-added services and warehousing allows reallocation of inventory, and less transportation for your product. From pallet displays to kitting, our value-added solutions can enable your product arrives either retailer ready, or ready for the end user.

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  • eFulfillment

    OHL shipped our first eCommerce order in 1999 with a large consumer electronics company. That same customer, along with dozens of others, contributed to us fulfilling over 45 million direct-to-consumer orders in 2014. What are some drivers of this success?

    Flexible Fulfillment

    One of the main reasons companies choose OHL for their eCommerce fulfillment is due to our flexible campus environment. This shared use model can substantially reduce the heavy costs of your seasonal demands in space, labor and technology so you can maintain great service to your customer during the most important times - without killing your margins.

    Personalization is Key

    Many e-retailers are well aware that the only experience their customer may ever have with them is via a box arriving at their door, which is why it is crucial that package makes a positive impression. We can provide personalization to shipping labels, custom packaging, white glove service, or anything that might delight the end-user, because your customers are our customers.

    Do Free Shipping…Fast

    Consumer’s expectations are rapidly increasing. They want faster shipping at little to no cost. And industry statistics prove it by showing roughly 50% of consumers will buy product only from those who offer free shipping. OHL’s 36 million square feet of strategically located warehousing enables you to meet these increasing consumer demands.  A single, central location in our network can reach 70% of the U.S. population in 2 days via ground. With three locations, you can reach 99% of the U.S. population in 2 days via ground. Our model helps you stay competitive in a very competitive eCommerce environment.

    Integrated Solutions

    We understand the importance of an integrated eCommerce supply chain solution. It streamlines management of your supply chain while leveraging common systems – all at lower costs. OHL can provide a comprehensive supply chain solution to include inbound, eFulfillment, small parcel, and reverse logistics solutions for your business. We’ve got plenty to leverage with OHL managing over $350 million in transportation (including parcel) as well as the experience of servicing 6 of the top 25 eTailers. And although we all hope they don’t – if your customers decide to return their orders 5% of the time, or 70% we have vast experience to inspect, and determine the ultimate disposition to keep you and your customer happy.


  • Foreign-Trade Zone

    Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) activity for warehouse and distribution operations increased 45% year-over-year in 2013. Many companies are realizing, and capitalizing on the benefits of FTZ – whether it’s reduced Merchandise Processing Fees or improved cash flow. Let us help you see if it makes sense. What makes OHL’s solution unique is our end-to-end management of a FTZ coupled with our and our pre-integrated systems to manage the entire process.

    Decreased Costs and Increased Velocity

    OHL’s FTZ implementation can save your company time and money due to established integration across transportation, warehousing, FTZ Administrator, and U.S. Customs. Many customers realize a decrease in Merchandise Processing Fees (MPF), improved cash flow and expedited shipments through direct delivery to a warehouse.

    Reduction of Risk

    There is no doubt that Foreign-Trade Zone solutions are complex, but if done right, they can provide many benefits. Using OHL’s end-to-end management of customs clearance, FTZ administration, and customs reporting your risk substantially decreases by having our experienced staff managed the whole process. 

    Diversified Experience

    OHL has a wide variety of experience with Foreign-Trade Zones across industries including Retail/Apparel, Food & Beverage, Consumer Electronics, and Manufacturing. Our Trade Services team has expertise across all industries, government agencies, regulations, and ports so that we can help you stay ahead and plan accordingly upon any market changes.

  • Labor Operations

    Labor solutions are more than just supplying people. It involves proven logistics processes abetted by years of experience across industries and backed by the latest technology. With changes driven by seasonality, market demands and company needs, labor planning becomes more complicated. OHL has experience and resources to provide labor solutions in the most complex environments to keep your operations productive at lower costs.

    Labor Flexibility

    In 2014, OHL fulfilled orders for 4 of the Top 10 most visited websites for the 2014 Holiday season across a variety of different industries. The demand on our operations to execute large volumes during such a short amount of time was enabled by our multi-client campus. Our campus network allows us to flex the labor across multiple facilities based on peak dates, peak seasons, or product launches. We can utilize the labor pool across customers, meaning we can meet high volume demands and you aren’t paying for excess labor you don’t need.

    The X-Factor

    OHL’s Labor Management System (LMS) provides real time data on labor performance. We utilize multiple different methods to drive labor efficiencies such as voice picking and pay for performance. This allows our supervisors and managers within operations to meticulously manage their employees performance for increased productivity. For all of our 120 locations, we manage X-factor to determine whether or not the labor efficiency at that campus or building meets the OHL standard.

    On-Premise Labor Solutions

    Whether it’s our warehouse or yours, OHL provides tailored, engineered labor solutions to ensure maximum productivity within the four walls. We’re well versed in recruiting, strategic sourcing, training and temporary solutions and have field HR representatives across the country to manage at the local level.

  • Campus Logistics

    OHL pioneered flexible, multi-customer warehousing solutions within campus environments. OHL was recognized in Gartner's 2015 Magic Quadrant for Third-Party Logistics for our "broad multiclient campuses where there is existing space, labor, management, and equipment".

    What is Campus Logistics?

    For OHL, our campuses are collections of warehouses in close proximity. We currently have 26 strategically located campuses across OHL’s 36 million square feet of warehousing.  Having customers within close proximity allows us to share labor, management, equipment and space across many customers.

    Labor Flexibility

    Within each of our campuses, we have shared labor environments enabling OHL to flex labor across operations or buildings based on labor requirements for that day or that hour.  This allows for better management of ebbs and flows of your business at reduced costs.  OHL has over 10,000 full time and part time OHL employees to leverage across our network.

    Campus Resources

    Along with our vast labor pool, we have on site IT, Human Resources, and Engineers at each campus ensuring we can react to your needs quickly. The management at each campus meets weekly to discuss operational efficiencies and to make sure the campus as a whole is utilizing best practices.

    “Pop-up” Facilities

    Our campus environment also allows us to create “pop-up” locations for peak season or product launches. OHL can set-up a temporary facility next door or across the country to prevent disruption in current operation due to lack of capacity.

  • Multi-Channel

    Supporting and coordinating across multiple channels has become the new normal in logistics. The market demands you allow your customers to buy where they want, when they want and how they want.  And have the all the same options to return. Whether it’s direct to the consumer, delivered to store or drop shipping, OHL has the expertise and technology to support your Omni-Channel needs.

    Today, many companies are in varying levels of maturity with their omni-channel strategy. We can give you a solution based on your current business situation and lead you to the highest level of omni-channel maturity.

    Entry Level Multi-Channel

    • Limited SKU base
    • Basic automation and material handling
    • Limited Value-Added services
    • Restricted delivery options
    • Returns solely back to distribution center

    Scaling Multi-Channel

    • Full/expanded SKU base
    • Customized processes/systems
    • Broad range of value added services
    • Order management capability
    • Multiple delivery options
    • Returns back to distribution center or Store

    Mature Optimized Multi-Channel

    • Integration of Inventory
    • Systems automation and customer focused processes
    • Expanded domestic / international drop-ship capability
    • Consolidated Order Management
    • Harmonization of processes across all channels
  • Reverse Logistics

    A reverse logistics strategy is just as important as a fulfillment strategy. Leading research states the customer experience, including returns, accounts for 47% of consumer loyalty. OHL can create a reverse logistics solution based on your company’s unique needs that will ensure a great customer experience. We provide a low complexity return solutions with visual inspection and disposition, up to comprehensive returns solutions including Transportation Management, RMA processing, rework, and anything else your returns solution might need.

    Small Parcel Returns Management

    For returns, making the process easy, fast and cheap is of utmost importance to customers today. We have the technology and transportation services to make it convenient for your customer to return the item and keep them up to date throughout so they continue to order more. 

    Value-Added Services

    Whether your garment on hanger needs to be steamed before brought back into inventory, or if you need to receive pallets and totes back from manufacturing, the reverse logistics component is crucial. Our team can perform value-added services such as rework, repackaging, kitting, relabeling to get the product back into stock or whatever disposition is required.

    Reverse Logistics in WMS

    Technology drives much of our reverse logistics processes.  As an example, for high value products returned, OHL can match serial numbers to determine any possible fraudulent activity, and match against RMA or order identification. Our Proprietary WMS can track all the information to make sure your product has not been tampered with. This ensures accurate and systematic processes so you’re not leaving money on the table.